I am a Doctoral Researcher in the Information Security Group at University College London, where I study security and privacy aspects of digital ecosystems, with a focus on emerging technologies and previously unknown attack vectors. My supervisors are Professor George Danezis and Dr. Emiliano De Cristofaro.

My recent study on ultrasound tracking received wide-spread attention and is considered the seminal work on the security of that ecosystem. Currently, I am working towards the standardization of ultrasound communications, and design extensions of my previous attacks. Moreover, in cooperation with industrial partners, I recently released a prototype of a high-assurance hardware architecture, that maintains its security properties even in the presence of malicious hardware components.

In the past, I developed auditing tools for the Public Key Infrastructure of Deutsche Bank and participated in an international consortium studying large-scale security threats in telecommunication networks. Furthermore, I cooperated with the Computer Security Group of University of California, Santa Barbara in several projects, including a detection system for evasive web-malware.

I hold an M.Sc. in Information Security from UCL, and a B.Sc in Computer Science from University of Macedonia, Greece.

Vasilios Mavroudis

v.mavroudis at cs.ucl.ac.uk

Computer Science Department
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom


  • On the Privacy & Security of the Ultrasound Tracking Ecosystem. Computer Laboratory Security Seminar, Cambridge, UK, 21 February 2017.
  • Talking Behind Your Back: On the Privacy & Security of the Ultrasound Tracking Ecosystem. Mozilla International Privacy Day, London, UK, 28 January 2017.
  • Talking Behind Your Back: On the Privacy & Security of the Ultrasound Ecosystem. Information Security Seminar, UCL, London, UK, 19 January 2017.
  • Talking Behind Your Back: Tough Love for the ugly Ultrasound Tracking Ecosystem. Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg, Germany, 27-30 December 2016.
  • Cross-device Tracking Canaries. Data Transparency Lab Conference 2016, New York, US, 17-19 November 2017.
  • Talking Behind Your Back: Attacks and Countermeasures of Ultrasonic Cross-device Tracking. Blackhat Europe, London, UK, 3–4 November 2016. [Slides]
  • Cassiopeia: Mobile security monitoring. FOSS conference 2011, Greece.
Technical Reports
  • Crux: Privacy-preserving Statistics for Tor, Information Security Group, University College London, UK, 2015.
    Supervisor: George Danezis
  • Cassiopeia: Real-time mobile security monitoring system, Dept. of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia, Greece, 2012.
    Supervisor: Ioannis Mavridis